About Me

Welcome to Just Swimmingly!

Who I am:

I am a graduate student in oceanography, finishing up my PhD dissertation.  My research isn’t at all glamorous to the outsider – I never wear a lab coat, and only rarely (once, ever) do field work.  I spend most of my days sitting in front of a computer, working with ocean models, and I love it.

Why I’m here:

  • To talk about science.  Science, especially oceanography, is super cool!  But, a lot of what you hear from popular media is politicized, or focuses only on controversy.  Science is more every-day than that, yet also more complex.
  • To talk about graduate school.  I survived!  (Well, almost.)  And I’ve done some things wrong, some things right, and some just based on personal preference.  Maybe what I’ve learned will help you, or at least entertain you for awhile.
  • To share my experiences.  With you, with friends, with family, with my future self.

Points of importance:

1. All opinions are my own. I don’t pretend to speak on behalf of any other person or organization.

2. Most of the pictures I post are my own. If you use them at all, please link back to my blog. If you are interested in using them for another purpose, get in touch with me!


Thanks for stopping by!